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Build contact forms with the best free website creator. It is easy-to-use with no coding to create forms for collecting feedback, leads, or data for mailing lists or registrations and sign-ups on your website. You can create custom contact forms in minutes with drag and drop, customize them visually, and instantly preview them in all responsive modes for mobile devices.
Contact Form Builder

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Form Presets

Apply form presets, adding blocks with the most popular forms in a click. You can add a contact, subscription, and other form presets and customize blocks easily after the insertion.

10+ Form Field Types

Select from more than 10 form field types while building your Forms, including input, text area, radio button, selection, and all other popular used on the modern forms.

Drag and Drop Form Fields

Change the layout of your forms by simply dragging and dropping their fields. Place form fields horizontally and vertically, as well as combining the field positioning.

Accept Terms Checkbox

Add a particular type of checkbox for the Accept Terms option on a Form. Insert this checkbox together with wording, which you can modify at any time.

Google reCaptcha

Use Google's advanced risk analysis and adaptive challenges engine to keep your websites away from abusive activities, allowing regular users to fill your forms without limitations.

Form Builder is the easiest way to get contacts or to collect feedback

The Form Builder is a page builder element that creates customizable and job-specific forms for your needs. Free online form builders are an important part of any free landing page builder that specializes in your communication integrations that other form builders cannot provide. Nicepage form builder can maintain, edit, and redistribute own forms. You can modify and update them via online form builder tools depending on the specifics of your project. Nicepage's best form builder apps are mainly used to create sign-up, contact, report, event registration forms, etc. The best form builder features with email marketing software might help you to streamline the workflow and business processes and customer support of your website. Features like: quick and effective sign-up and registration of new users in your system; registration of significant amount of visitors of your event with the possibility for them to choose the options you provide if necessary; writing of the standardized or specified work reports in a big company without the need of google sheets. To better understand the online form builder concept and its conditional logic, we will provide examples of the form's work.

If you make a sign-up form in most form builders offer, you mention the necessary information the new user must provide to register on your websites, such as email address, unique login name, and password for the new account. If the user already registered, the sign-up form will require less information to skip to content of your landing pages, for example, only login and password, or email address and password. We also provide a great variety of contact form templates with various intriguing and attractive designs and backgrounds that you can use to create a form. Some of the contact forms of the online form builder are built specifically for the site operators and moderators, and others can be set on your website's landing pages as a form of feedback and customer support with different questions in form fields. We provide simple contact forms with minimal fields like "Contact Form In Grid" or "Road Runners," as well as more complex like "Form for communication with us" or "We are ready to questions." They are formed to let your site visitors and clients provide their contact data, optional theme or type of problem, or feedback and customer stories your visitors want to deliver. The description field, which using free form text, will describe the issues with your products or a website or provide their feedback and comments on improvements of your services.

For the action or event registration, similar data collection details are required. However, it requires additional specifics and mentioning the type of registration or type of activities. It can be modified to book certain services, like the "Book Now" or "Make an appointment" templates, and used in car, hotel, and other fields requiring preliminary informing. You can add the ID requirements for your booking services or instead make it a ready-to-go registration and booking. You can also add a slide-down field with the service options your clients currently require. Our powerful Form Builder can quickly provide simple one question or complex data collection workflow report forms for your employees or hired freelancers. You can create web forms, adjust the fields, set up the automatic filling of some fields which they need to fill to send their report straight to you. Using their email addresses and name fields, they can fill the description field with the required workflow information and quickly and quickly send it. Nicepage provides unique and efficient free online form builder templates with different backgrounds that you can customize, and geometric figures that suit as a background not only for the whole page but for the form fields to stress their presence and attract visitors' attention. Customize the field's transparency to create unique design features you want your visitors to see. Use our exquisite and powerful online form builder features and templates and social media tools to create the personal custom online forms you desire.