How to change the Contact Form layout in a web block

You can easily change the Layout of the Contact Form from placing form inputs and fields from vertical to horizontal and vice versa. Select the Contact Form, go to the Property Panel, and find the Layout section. Click the Layout icons to place inputs in a row or one under another on a web page.

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Free Templates with Contact Form Element

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How To Change The Contact Form Layout Adjusting To Web Design Needs

Different creative site contact forms make your site more impressive and attractive to visitors. Whether it is a sign up, job application form, or simple, beautiful contact form examples, you can easily notice benefits from contact forms right away when they correlate with your web design. Starting from background color, inside the web form design and necessary form fields, and ending with the overall layout. Same as any other page, your contact page design form plays an important role. Our free online form builder helps you to explore and discover some contact form template designs from our contact form templates that will provide some contact form design inspiration for future projects.

Our builder provides possibilities to customize the contact page, turning it into job application forms, contact us form templates, or sign up contact form templates. You can manage email address phone number fields using online contact form fields, so they become creative contact forms made for easy filling and navigating. Using contact form design examples will help set social media buttons for your visitor's social media profiles, so you will be able to contact them, as well as phone number and email address name fields. Our best drag and drop creator will allow you to set the layout vertically or horizontally.

The vertical or horizontal representation of your contact us form template will dramatically change the perspective of the website contact form page, so make sure to check its appearance. Also, when forming the contact site, make sure the request form template or contact form template provides essential tips for the visitors, including their contact page email address if necessary. Our free contact form template will help you understand how to create the free contact form that will serve as a web design inspiration for other developers and their contact form pages.