How to build Ecommerce websites

Start your eCommerce by setting up and designing template pages of online stores to start selling goods or services on the Internet. You can make a unique website design of a WooCommerce theme in WordPress or VirtueMart in Joomla to stand out from your competitors.
How to build Ecommerce websites

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Build E-Commerce HTML Site

You can create the E-Commerce website in Nicepage, export HTML, and upload it to your hosting. Manage Products and use the Product Elements and Page Templates to output them on your HTML websites easily.

Product Maintenance

Manage Products for your E-Commerce websites on the Products Panel in the Quick Access Pane. You can add, edit, and delete Products and export them to HTML, WordPress, and Joomla.

Product Categories For Nicepage E-Commerce

Add the Categories Element to the Product List on a page and Product List Page Template to help visitors of your online store find necessary Products faster by filtering a Product Catalogue.

E-Commerce CMS Plugin

Use the Nicepage Products in WordPress and Joomla. You have the working Product List and Product Details pages and the payment for the set Products and can create E-Commerce websites with Nicepage without installing WooCommerce and VirtueMart. If you prefer WooCommerce and VirtueMart, you can continue using them.

Payments Via PayPal

You can use the new Payment button, supporting Payments via PayPal. You can add to websites built with your Nicepage Desktop Applications, WordPress Plugin, Joomla Extension, and Online Builder.

Payments With Stripe

You can accept payments via Stripe on your websites created with Nicepage. Connect your Nicepage website to Stripe and start selling and getting your orders processed immediately.

Shopping Cart for Nicepage E-Commerce

Shopping Cart for Nicepage E-Commerce

You can use the Shopping Cart for your E-Commerce website made with Nicepage. Add the Shopping Cart Icon to the Header to easily enable the Shopping Cart for any Nicepage E-Commerce website without installing WordPress WooCommerce and Joomla VirtueMart.

Product List Page Template

You can use the Product List Page Template to add the Store Page to your E-Commerce website. It makes a Catalog of goods or services and is built from the Products of the Products Panel or outputs data from WooCommerce in WordPress or VirtueMart in Joomla.

Product Details Page Template

Use the Product Details Page Template to output detailed info about an individual Product selected from the Catalog on your website. It outputs the Product information entered in the Products Panel in Nicepage or outputs it from WooCommerce in WordPress or VirtueMart in Joomla.

Shopping Cart Page Template

The Shopping Cart Page Template is the concluding page of any online store. It should include product summary, quantity, price, totals, other essential data, and most importantly, proceed to the checkout button.

Checkout Page Template

Design checkout pages for WooCommerce and VirtueMart. Edit the Checkout Page Template on the Templates Panel of the Quick Access Pane. When exporting your theme for your E-Commerce website, you will export the Checkout Page Template with all the other E-Commerce page templates.

Product List Element

Show the latest Products on any page of your website, including the home page. You can specify layouts and choose the number of posts to display.

Product Details Element

Present the featured Product on your website pages. You can modify the layout and stylize the product block to give it a unique look.

Shopping Cart Icon Element

Add the Shopping Cart icon to your website header, which will show the number of added products to the cart and allow you to open the checkout page with a click.

How To Build A Modern Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce is a process of buying or selling online. Those who look further will say that e-commerce is not just about financial or trade transactions conducted through networks, but, importantly, the chains of ever-improving, global business processes involved in conducting transactions. In technical terms, e-commerce on the Internet rests upon a few pillars - a server, a database, and a system for delivering goods or services to the customer. Many multinational corporations are creating their eCommerce platform to connect directly with customers and build a memorable customer experience. Today many features, plugins, and tips offer various functions and options for your website, but some must-have eCommerce features make a big difference. An eCommerce site should offer multiple payment options, which gives customers more freedomUnlike honest companies, thehe eCommerce website provides an opportunity to make a global eCommerce businees.

The eCommerce website features are the foundation of eCommerce businesses. You need to use them on your website, as they give the main competitive advantage in such a diverse market. The eCommerce businesses platform with must-have eCommerce website features allows you to avoid implementing and downloading the complex software required to build a website from scratch. It also frees you from the worry of securing your site. You can use the bottom of the homepage and place the social media icons; it will look more fabulous. The eCommerce business is becoming more informative, and people first check all the necessary information they need about the online store before starting the checkout process. The secure eCommerce platform allows you to use a particular payment system for your transactions and use your credit card safely. If we consider social media marketing as eCommerce site features, it provides an opportunity to monetize your marketing strategy. Different social media offer additional opportunities to attract new visitors but require different approaches. The most powerful eCommerce organizations make their online stores in several languages, as it allows selling products set up in every corner of the earth.

The shopping cart is the #1 and one of the most important eCommerce features and website elements for an online eCommerce business. Today, many companies are abandoning shopping carts as the primary cause of the shopping cart abandonment rate has become high shipping costs. Unexpected shipping costs contribute to this process, but they can easily be solved. To improve the user experience, web developers allow visitors to manage their shopping cart fully, and the purchasing process becomes more personal. Usually, top eCommerce website design elements contain easy use of credit cards, PayPal, simplified email marketing integration, etc. Many firms make small forums within the website, and the visitors' comments help the website in SEO (search engine optimization). Words also drive social proof and make the company more reviewable in the eyes of new visitorAs as an eCommerce website featurforum forum can improve the organization's reputationion. Excellent eCommerce websites should have such qualities of an online store (search system to find products, function to write comments, easy payment system) to attract the attention of website visitors, so it must make sure visitors buy products here. You must need some eCommerce featureseed to get maximum profit from the eCommerce website. One of the essential modern website features includes an option when customers can set free shipping on personal products. For example, email marketing campaigns and social media presence are imperative eCommerce features without which it would be impossible to promote a website. Another must-have eCommerce website option is CRO (conversion rate optimization), which helps correct existing bugs, attract more unique visitors, and improve interaction. These must-have eCommerce products help snag as many shoppers as possible and offer eCommerce best practices from every corner of the earth.