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How to use Nicepage on various systems

Download and install the Nicepage Application for Windows or Mac OS, WordPress Plugin, and Joomla Extension or work with Nicepage Online to build mobile-friendly websites and themes.
How to use Nicepage on various systems

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Windows Application

Download the Nicepage Application for Windows to get all the powerful features in one package. Design websites and themes, build blog and eCommerce templates.

Mac OS Application

Download and install the Nicepage Application for Mac OS to start building and editing websites and themes on your computer. Use user-friendly intuitive editor, modify properties and options, blog, and eCommerce templates easily.

WordPress Plugin

Use Nicepage directly in your WordPress. Build design, add Images, edit Content - all from your favorite CMS. Add the power of modern responsive layouts to your web pages and templates. Work directly on your WordPress.

Joomla Extension

Add the beautiful design to your Joomla articles. You can use the Nicepage Joomla Editor Extension the same way you work on your desktop. Our Joomla Extension helps create modern responsive web pages with rich texts, images, and layouts directly on your Joomla website.

Web Application

Get started and work with Nicepage Online from anywhere easily. You get the Web Application with hosting to begin designing your unique mobile-friendly websites with no coding and as you want.

Operation Systems and Technologies Supported By Nicepage Free Website Builder

To comfortably use everything you need and create your professional website, you need the most powerful page builder available on all platforms and systems. Nicepage provides the best website builder to create and set up your own free website for Windows, Mac OS, WordPress plugin, Joomla Extension, and even an online application. Create a website with the drag and drop page editor tool present in our modern page builder on every platform that is comfortable for you.

Windows is the most common OS globally, so it is crucial that our page builder can be downloaded quickly after the sign-up, and you can start to grow your business online without any unnecessary delays. Our real-time website builder software on Windows helps create a website that matches the most popular professional website. All our drag & drop page builder features are presented in one package, so no additional real-time downloads of separate assets are required to create your own website page and register the free custom domain name. Our real-time help center will also help you better understand our application's drag and drop possibilities and help you start your email marketing campaign around the internet. The Mac OS is also one of the most popular OS, so one of the leading user-friendly website builders is ready to be installed on your Mac OS and provides the responsive web design software you require for the content management of your free website. Our landing page builder's easy landing page drag and drop tool allows you to create a custom website design that will follow modern web design trends.

If you are already used to building your real-time website in the WordPress system, you can easily add Nicepage page builder as a plugin to your WordPress program to boost the drag and drop features of your builder software and significantly improve the responsive web design of your themes and templates. For example, you can improve your own online store booking using a drag and drop interface to rearrange the grid layout to provide a great user experience for your clients. A beautiful website design of your Joomla articles can be enhanced by Nicepage Joomla Editor Extension that provides the drag-and-drop editor and everything you need to build a website with beautiful and memorable texts, images, and layouts. Using the help center of our powerful page builder will discover that it is easy to build a website using our drop website builder extension.

Our best website builder software is also very portable. If you do not want to install our application or change devices often, you can quickly sign up in real-time from any browser and immediately build a professional website easily with no attachments to your current system. Start my website using our website builder and create your custom domain name for a powerful email marketing campaign to grow your business and gain brand recognition for your company or online store.