Application Features

Use the powerful Application Features to work with your projects more efficiently. You can work in ten languages, auto-save, export and import your projects, search for any element, block, document, presets anything available in the Application, do the backups, and much more.
Application Features

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Quick Search

Type the beginning of your search query any time you need to find anything in Nicepage. Select the required Element, Block, or Documentation article from the results.

Edit Content Mode

Edit texts, change images and icons. Preserve your designs from accidental damage. It is especially useful for the Client Roles in WordPress and Joomla.


Save your works automatically not to lose any idea or important detail. You can disable this option in the Preferences.

Support for 10 Languages

Use Nicepage Applications and Plugins to design websites and templates in your native language. We have translated the Nicepage User Interface into ten languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, and others, and we plan to add more.

Export and Import Project

Export your works as Project, Page, or a single Block to save and reuse for yourself and share with other Nicepage users. Import the exported parts or the whole Project back and enjoy the flexibility of working with Nicepage.

Project Backups

Restore your Projects with the Backup since Nicepage stores them in a folder specified in the Preferences. You will never lose your works, roll back if necessary, and, therefore, save your time and efforts.

Application Functions You Need to Work More Efficiently

To operate with your projects efficiently, you can use application functionality. Work in several languages, block, auto-save, export and Import of projects, search for any element, and much more functional make the design process more comfortable. The main goal of the functionality is to allow beginners to improve their site with powerful tools. We can hardly do this functionality without basic programming knowledge because web design and website development are just two parts of the same coin. You simply need to use our service to edit texts for your website. With our feature, you can save and publish your designs and not lose any important detail. You do not need to start your Project again. Our tool allows restoring your designs (including such elements, like interface design, texts, etc.) with the backup since Nicepage stores them in a folder specified in the Preferences. It is interesting what are quick searches and how do they make it easier to find search queries. A quick search can help, which helps you quickly type. It's one of the best website tools. You can use it a lot when created a website. Don't worry if you don't know how to create a website based on your national language. Our application functionality has several languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, and others, and we plan to add more.

If you can't make sure the content is good or not, you can edit it as you create content with our application functionality. When we talk about application functionality, we should also not forget such a website builder. The website builder is the tool used to create websites without having to write code by hand. The benefits of using website builders are many, but the main thing is how accessible they make website design. You can not ever lose your task with the website builder, so it is one of the essential functions of this tool. This tool has several integrated backup options to ensure you do not lose all your hard work in file damage or hard drive failure. If there are missing content elements on your new site, they can be loaded with our element that helps Import the exported parts or the entire Project back and enjoy the flexibility of working with Nicepage. This tool will also help when, for example, we don't know how do they retrieve a backup of my website builder elements.

If you don't know how to create a website in several minutes, on Nicepage, you will find tools, which help you in this process. When you add genuine content and robust design to your site, it helps promote your website higher in Google search results. If you want assistance in choosing the website language, understanding coding, or restoring your web projects, we can help! If the webpage is taking too long to load, it either has too much content, or the information is too complex. In this case, you'll have to use our tools and use them to compress the content on the site. To open the site in the app, you first need to import the source file and then edit it with our tools. Besides, how to design a website, how to make gradient web design with their own unique elements, are interesting issues for everyone, who wants to create a website. If you are not sure how to start creating a website, first of all, see our functionality, which will give you the ability to manage quickly and make your job easier.