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Best Free Joomla Templates

How Joomla Templates Work

Joomla is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) in the world. It goes under the name Joomla! and owes popularity to its apt eCommerce toolset and general usability. Powered by an open source community, the best Joomla code pieces are available for free alongside all the software elements. Beware that the template is not the whole site. It is somewhat responsible for essential web design parts such as layouts, page components, style, and small details like fonts and images. Compared to WordPress, Joomla website templates can boast their ease of use and advanced compatibility with off-brand features.


No one wants the layout of their site to go crazy once you use a phone or tablet instead of a PC. Rest assured that the majority of Joomla templates are fully responsive (read mobile friendly). If you want to hone specific design aspects for various devices, you can tweak the code or install some Joomla page builder to do it visually without coding. Drag drop builders will customize your Joomla template with professional ease.

Free Joomla Templates

Thousands of professional designers and developers continuously work on updates of the Joomla code and the templates collection. Free Joomla templates are initially designed to fit the field-specific requests of the users. Thus, the business Joomla template will differ from the Joomla portfolio template radically. Years of testing and experience are accumulated in one CMS to cater to your needs and give your website a quick start.

Premium Joomla Templates

Joomla is a free CMS, so, naturally, it relies on some premium components to provide open access to its essential services. Thus, premium Joomla templates will be more multipurpose, having at least several plugins built in. They can be anything, from pop-up menus to template color styles. For instance, you may discover an elegant Joomla theme with beautiful layouts, fashion photography, and a pop-up contact form for a wedding beauty salon. Multipurpose Joomla template is a significant flex on the market in 2021. The premium segment is represented by a responsive Joomla template that is chock-full with Joomla services and powerful features from the start. However, the free Joomla website template collection is not that simple, too! You can use various free responsive Joomla templates to customize different parts of your website. Any modern Joomla templates collection, paired with advanced customization freedom, is your source of complete creative solutions.

eCommerce with Joomla

Joomla templates business packages have you covered from the start. By default, they incorporate online commerce plugins to push your brand's commercial success. Joomla template for professional online business will include a range of powerful tools to help you increase sales. You will be granted SEO optimized site performance, the latest version of Joomla services, and responsive modern design. Various professional Joomla templates' extensions will expand your online functionality. For example, Virtuemart is one of the most popular eCommerce Joomla extensions. Virtuemart templates are incredibly convenient for running an online store as they usually come in two modes, a shopping cart, and the product catalog. A real estate agency, car rental, beauty spa salon, and other businesses that have to showcase their goods will gain from it.

Examples of Use

Technology, food & restaurant, architecture (exterior and interior design), and business & law are the most extensive categories among free business templates the Joomla community shares with the users. With Joomla templates, you can create a landing page for your business startup in no time. The creative agency Joomla template might be what you need to individuate your design studio or travel agency's website. Joomla medical templates for healthcare events, forums, and fitness blogs are available in our Medicine & Science section. Draw Facebook Youtube Twitter bloggers' interest in your affiliate program with creative Joomla themes. Our Joomla education template section is quite remarkable too. For students: save free university and school Joomla templates Joomla designers have prepared just for you. Download ready templates for portfolios and projects. For publishers: any news magazine will surely benefit from a membership subscription menu and a tags filter. Templates extensions may provide an intelligent documentation search and management system making a difference for a science or finance magazine Joomla built.

CMS Complying

Among the services Joomla provides, there is a possibility to empower your website with the help of third-party extensions. For instance, VirtueMart templates become compatible with Joomla templates and install specific premium Joomla extensions. Code gurus can design Joomla template collections based on WordPress themes and WordPress plugins via Joomla converter extensions. The Joomla community open source matters since affiliated with or endorsed by a proprietor makes websites with a limited license with rights reserved. Any Joomla developer looks for templates free of any privacy policy and endorsed by an open source, not violating laws of any states and other countries.