Visual Page Editor Website Builder

Use the Visual Page Editor to edit content like text, images, grids, and other elements using the powerful drag-and-drop positioning. It is very time-saving as it requires no coding to design any websites, themes, eCommerce templates, and blog posts.

Move Blocks

Switch Block Positions easily in the Page Navigator. You can also use the Arrows in the Block Sidebar and Content Toolbar to move Blocks up and down in the Editor.

Smart Magnetic Guides

Use the Smart Magnetic Guides to align and perfect the position of elements in the design. You can see the quick guides while moving an element that snaps to other elements and containers. They are very helpful for the alignment, editing, and transforming elements relative to other elements and containers when you design a website.

Video Background

Add videos as background to Groups, Cells, and Blocks. You can use the link to YouTube and Vimeo, your server links to videos, and upload video files.


You can measure the Distances between elements in a Block while dragging and aligning by the Smart Magnetic Guides. You see the Distances while measuring the spacing between, Texts, Images, Icons, Shapes, etc., and inside Groups and Grids, and other container elements.

Image Cropping

Crop your images to focus the viewer's sight on an object in the picture. You can also zoom the image while cropping to get the perfect fit to your layout and highlight your design idea.

Block Resizing

Resize Blocks by simply clicking and dragging the bar markers on the top or bottom of any Block. While resizing, you can see the distances before and after the Elements placed inside a Block.

Resize Elements

Drag markers for images, texts, and other Elements to resize. You can hold the SHIFT key to resize proportionally and the ALT key for fixing the center. You can follow and snap to the red magnetic guides for precision.

Expand Images

Turn your image into a background in one click. And, if needed, collapse any image background to an image with a click and place it in your layout.

Drag and Drop

Design your web pages and templates by drag and drop. Enjoy your works while building beautiful websites in a playful manner with no coding.