How to use the Smart Magnetic Guides while building websites visually

Use the Smart Magnetic Guides to align and perfect the position of elements in the design. You can see the quick guides while moving an element that snaps to other elements and containers. They are very helpful for the alignment, editing, and transforming elements relative to other elements and containers when you design a website.

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How To Use Smart Magnetic Guides To Build Website Layouts

When you edit your visual webpage, it is important to keep track of the positioning of the elements you drag onto the page. Our effective magnetic smart guides can help align and perfect elements' position and drag around the page without the fear of desyncing. Using Adobe XD is not required when you create your webpage because our builder's objects in artboards guides appear with horizontal and vertical indicators and will align if you select them simultaneously using a mouse.

You can quickly change the format type by selecting all elements at once with only one click. View smart guides that align several elements to understand how do those elements work with each other and reset the smart guides using keyboard shortcuts. You do not need to turn smart guides on manually because magnetic guides appear and work automatically. The skip the main content button can help to skip to new elements you create.

Our artboards guides appear while you create the new main content to help you monitor even the slightest changes that you will immediately see and help you get feedback on how you customize elements. We develop and create guides every day so that new features will be available immediately upon their completion and testing. Learn support tools we provide and how they help you to improve and speed up the creation process.