How to edit the grouped elements in the website editor

Even though you can move and select grouped elements as a single unit, you can edit every one of them — double-click to access a grouped element and edit its properties in the context toolbar or the Property Panel.

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How To Edit One Element Inside A Group

After you create a new group, there is a great possibility you will need to edit one or several of the group elements. When you are within a group, double-click to select the necessary content element nested within a group, then the properties panel of the selected elements will appear and select the element property you want to alter. We provide various tips and tricks to help you manage selected groups within the help center. If you double click to edit objects within a group, you can select any groups components, whether icon, image, or text elements.

When you design systems for your website, create a group, drag selected content inside, and customize it however you want using double click. Create a group, select ctrl click, select the G button, and select right-click the group to enter the properties panel of the whole group and move it however you want. It will help when creating a group, then select certain elements you wish to modify separately with a double-click. Click to search help to see what settings you can easily use and the terms of service. Double click to select the text element on the layers and right-click to switch to the group.

Browsing through text layers, see what's new within a group editing process when using the layers panel. Double click to select the element in the groups that require a new name, separate text styling, or additional layers panel modifications for a more voluminous effect. Right-click your groups if the layers inside conflict with each other. To add a new name, press double click on the text element or go to the Layers panel or the text's properties panel to change it accordingly.