How to resize Blocks visually with the web page editor

Resize Blocks by simply clicking and dragging the bar markers on the top or bottom of any Block. While resizing, you can see the distances before and after the Elements placed inside a Block.

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How to Resize Block For A Web Layout

Using our editor, you can edit content marketing ads, images, grids, add CSS code, etc. There is a useful section for developers and designers to resize blocks easily (only open the editor and see how it is simple). You can resize blocks in the editor very easily, and this is why users like to use our tool for different purposes (make blocks for landing, edit hero block, add some new items in the existing layout, and so on). First, you can create the most important section with CSS, and after fitting other items, our editor offers a better way to work with CSS and help to create a wonderful layout. When choosing your design element height and width, you will wonder how easily you can resize it. Click on the button. We help you create a new hero section and make sure visitors stay on your site. The element's size plays a very important role in the design, so even a small change in the size of the element affects the entire page.

A smartphone, desktop, phone, tablet, and different devices have different screen sizes, so it is important to create a responsive design for other devices. A section will help you create a responsive full-width navigation bar, which is very comfortable for users (consider their need and make a nice layout), as they can easily find needed pages on the site. If you don't know if the content is important, trust us, it is fundamental for your desktop or smartphone. If you want to buy now a paid tool, don't hurry. There is no need to know CSS, HTML, or JS. Only start using our tool, which is very simple. We allow you to control the length and width of the element when you change it to change your element exactly. Editor gives you opportunities to create new responsive websites with the gradient hero section on the different screen sizes very well (even despite the CSS error, CSS classes, height, width, etc.). When you resize the viewport height, other parts are not very relevant, as the viewport is one of the most important items of web content.

So, you can control content width, height, and fit to users with their web browsers, screen sizes, and so on. Drag markers for images, texts, and other items to resize, change the height width, create a hero section, and change the background. You can hold the Shift key to resize proportionally and the Alt key for fixing the center. Collapse background to image or expand image on the site using our tool, and your items will look bigger or smaller. There are many sections to work with zoom in one section below. On the other, you can control background color, etc. Here you can find the most important instrument to create the responsive design for the screen sizes with any height and width. On Nicepage, you can work well with background video content, marketing statements, and so on. If you don't get full information, there are related posts about this theme, and you can read them.