How to move a Block in Nicepage web page editor

Switch Block Positions easily in the Page Navigator. You can also use the Arrows in the Block Sidebar and Content Toolbar to move Blocks up and down in the Editor.

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Learn How To Move Sections On Your Web Layout

When you create and manage your blog site or online store, the new section you add may conflict with other blocks on your page. In this case, you need to change the position of previous blocks without affecting the elements in them. So how to move sections and edit sections using only one button? Our program allows you to click to add the section button arrow and then transport it left, right, or any other specific position on your layout.

Move a section between one or several blocks, or select a section using the menu and combine related articles and elements into a chain you can change using the add button how you see fit. It is convenient for designers who want to copy or keep the main content intact to choose a different page to use a specific section content as your personal style mark. Clicking on the section button can delete a section on one, or you can choose a new article, add a section, and drag and drop it right where you want it. Add and edit sections and blocks using different methods you may find or learn about them if you click on our help center article. Using your account, you can see the main add a section help from our specialists that are ready to help you at any time.

Please select the new site page and click the left-hand menu to select the elements you want to add to the new sections. Click the sections menu button, then click save to use it for the new site or add content as part of a new section or one page design. Adding sections pages to the drop zone, you select is easy if you use the drop down menu and select the page you want to apply the sections. Click the sections menu to open the section design layout menu, then click and select the sections menu to change a section or see available section templates.