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How to enable the Grid Columns in the visual website editor

The Grid Columns are a useful layout tool for graphic and website editors. They facilitate the positioning and alignment of web design elements on a web page. Grid Columns are visible throughout the page. You can enable them by clicking the CTRL+SHIFT+4 hotkeys or selecting in the right-click mouse menu or Page's and Block's сontext toolbar.

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How To Use Grid Columns To Build A Better Layout

Grid Columns, together with grid lines, are very popular in modern web development, and it gives a good user experience. We can't imagine the current website design without the grid system, as they are essential for responsive design. This feature (similar to the WordPress themes) enables you to see the grid layout by clicking on the CTRL+SHIFT+G. Grids help divide the page horizontally or vertically using the rows and columns. So, without HTML CSS, you can use grid systems and control gutters (space between columns). If you want to create a website with the different types of elements, grids help you in this process, and you can, with the visible grid lines, create a new web design. When people are talking about " magic crossroads," they are meant to help you put design elements into place inside the main content.

Take your expertise in web design to a new level and discover best practices for using grids in creating Web sites. A multi-column grid vertically divides the web page into multiple colons, and a modular grid subdivides the page horizontally and vertically into modules. Although the 12-column grid layout is a popular option among many designers, it is not a universal solution. The baseline grid was a bit more technical; it was determined by where the anchor text was placed. The handwritten set (or single-column grid often called) is the most straightforward grid structure. In grid systems, grid lines can help achieve precision and consistency on a site. Likewise, as you use the modular grid for a design, you may use the baseline grid to generate consistency within your layout.

The intriguing part of the 960 grid system is that it applies not only to elements across multiple columns - but also to the white space items, which should be multiples of eight. There’s no sense in using the column grid if your mockup needs only several columns inside the modular grid. Margins are defined as the negative space between a format edge and the outside edge of the content. In the simplest sense, gutters represent the space between columns and the area between rows. The spacing between columns (troughs) must be well-proportioned across the page. As regards the grid of mockups in general, the Golden Ratio and the Golden Meaning help website designers make up their minds. Because of its critical significance in layout design, it is only logical that white space is an essential part of websites and mockups.