How to resize an Element in visual website editor

Drag markers for images, texts, and other Elements to resize. You can hold the SHIFT key to resize proportionally and the ALT key for fixing the center. You can follow and snap to the red magnetic guides for precision.

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How to Resize Elements in our Visual Editor

In this article, you will find information on how to resize an element in the editor. Drag the markers for images, texts, and other elements to resize. You can click the SHIFT key to shrink proportionally and the ALT key to fix the center. You can follow and snap to the red magnetic guides for precision. Images with necessary image properties are essential for PC and mobile devices design. If you don't know how to make resize your image, our tool will help you. You can find many HTML elements to modify and how to make pictures smaller or bigger on the site layout. You can dynamically select and resize HTML components (like images of different formats). You can also find many instruments to change your website elements, so they will help you give a new look to your website.

Out instrument allows resizing images to adjust to the layout, and you don't need it without rebuilding website components. When you open the editor, select the element you want to edit, click on the resize, and modify its size. You will see how changes look on your site with different images. Every element is important, so you must make every element's perfect height and width. With our editor, you can build the ideal website with perfect sizes. You can also change the background color, and it will change the design. When you choose the best instrument for resizing, don't forget about our tools, they might give you the needed result. You can alter image elements so that they will keep the high-quality.

When you want to make a hover effect ( when the user is running the mouse over the element), you can use resize tool. For example, when the mouse is running over the image, which is getting bigger or smaller. It is possible with our tool. Some people ask how I can make my website smarter. You can change the images, and the browser will display them differently. When users open pages of your website, it will have a different look. Some questions are related to how to resize website components on the website without having any additional instruments dynamically. So, there are many options for this feature, but if you want simple operations, you can edit your image with one click. With one click, and then you can resize proportionally, and users will see images on mobile devices with high quality. Our tool image is resizing very smart, you need only select the picture, and you will be wonder by the result without having problems.