How to lock Elements in the Outline

You can lock and unlock the Elements, Containers, or Blocks in the Outline by clicking on the Lock icon on the Element Layer. It makes your design work more convenient especially working with multiple details.

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How you can lock elements on a layout

When a user works with multiple details, work gets difficult. Nicepage has a cool tool, which is locking elements. Why is the feature used, and why is it difficult without it? From where can we prevent difficult work in the editor? How to create a locked element? In the next, we show everything about the feature. Click editor, and then the button is in the outline tab. This feature gives us more than just a layers lock. It makes our work easier. Users can always see locked elements and edit the last Element entirely with one click.

Switch the site navigator to the outline tab and click on the small icon next. You will see the locked. So they give us the to make article or icons hidden in accessibility. However, if you lock elements, you cannot add or edit them later. Still, the same way is always great to make markup content. Create a custom site and make sure to try new features. Users are in trouble when a feature add to the site, but how to create or sure make a new website on Nicepage is very simple.

We also see a small eye icon on the website builder, still in the same group. Add templates for using this tool, click still a small icon, and try to hide text or something in web design. The select page editor tools make us change icons for the particular image background. Don't know how to use editing layers? Keep instructions if you need to edit the group. With the functionality to an element, click on the small lock icon for the Layer to lock the Element. You now know using how to create web content and then lock or unlock select one Element of your choose page templates.