How to select multiple elements in the visual page editor

You can select multiple elements by clicking and dragging a cursor around the area. You can move, align, duplicate all multi-selected elements together, and convert them into a Group or Grid Repeater if needed.

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How To Use Multiple Select Tool To Create Awesome Websites With No Coding

How often have you been required to create awesome websites offline and select several elements at once to edit them? We provide a premium design tool for multiple select of elements on the page and align them into a group or a grid repeater. You can quickly create your awesome custom websites offline, no coding required, and with the next generation plugins, CSS fonts, and premium design HTML elements using our multiple select tool. Using HTML plugins, CSS files js, and related posts elements, you will create web design awesome themes in a few clicks.

Unlike creating a menu using bootstrap v4 alpha or a bootstrap multiple select form, our multiple-select tool can show you how adding several additional parameters to the group of elements you selected can easily turn into awesome websites with no bootstrap 4 and google, amp extensions required. The multi-select tool has no free trial and an amp free download for desktops because it is all already present in our free site builder 2020 and up until the present day. During the web development, glance at how it operates by clicking and dragging a cursor around the icons above the selected area will help you quickly edit plugins CSS and save new web design HTML templates.

Based free download will allow you to build a web HTML page with top templates, unlike some of the templates Bootstrap 4 provides. To build awesome websites offline no coding knowledge is required and to accelerate the process you can use a hotel HTML template, shopping HTML template, or another specific template for your purposes and goals. The premium design HTML themes we provide is perfect for offline websites, not coding-oriented, and produces the best website templates for your projects. Using our landing page HTML template and multi-select tool combined with other instruments as the basis, you will be able to create an unlimited amount of various web page HTML templates.