How to group and ungroup elements in the website editor

The Group Operation creates a Group Element, which allows you to assemble several elements and use them as one piece in the Editor. As a Group, you can do several operations and add actions, including adding Background and moving Elements and applying various animation effects to a Group and its Elements.

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How To Group And Ungroup Elements Easily

To create new website design layouts easily, you must consider several steps, and one of the most important is to make web elements. This feature enables you to group elements inside the editor. It gives full control over the elements, and you can easily modify them. It will speed up creating a website responsive design, and you will be able to adjust design elements very fast. Like the custom CSS, this feature enables you to add different actions to the group and change them just in one click. So control over the group of elements lets you modify your free website design, which is wonderful.

Highly converted landing pages, eye-catching bounces, built-in SEO optimizations, and integration - engage a broader demographic with top-notch content elements templates. Build your own design without WordPress page builder and take full control over the site. Switch between content items to change the look and mood of your content quickly. You can work on any WordPress theme that you choose. Close any item with a click or customize the face of an element on specific types of equipment with responsive design options.

You can create websites, design elements, and different style mockups if you use the features of Nicepage. Thanks to the features of this feature (like the Page Builder) and the elements styling, it fits perfectly with our corporate design. Like the intuitive drag and drop builder, it allows you to quickly and easily create sites. Make any layout you imagine using this function (like the intuitive drag and drop builder) - there are no coding skills required. Without Bootstrap Builder Website Design with this feature, you can build a new website and control its web elements just in one action.