How to rename blocks in the Outline

To organize and manage Blocks, you can rename them in the Outline. Select the Page Navigator to the left switch to the Outline Tab. Double-click or select the Rename option in the Options. Change the Block Name to make your process of designing a website more manageable and convenient.

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How To Rename Site Blocks In The Outline

Proper organization and management of your site allow you to navigate and find the necessary elements and blocks quickly. For this to happen, you should properly name the elements and blocks on your site. Go to the Quick Access panel on your left and select the Page Navigator section. Click on the Outline tab to review all the blocks on your current page. Double-click on any block name to quickly rename it according to its function or position on the page. Build an understandable and laconic naming system to improve the construction and customization process. An effective managing process is quite important for site-building.

Using a clear naming system in your projects will help you quickly navigate and manage blocks and elements of your site, making site construction more effective and less time-consuming. Review the section layouts and analyze how every section correlates with each other. Change section or remove section features of our flexible website editor will allow you to change section layouts. The add section button will add a new section to your layout immediately. Change layout to build a consolidated design that will serve as an advert for attracting new users and potential customers.

Every section should be reviewed before you add it to your site. You should also review the How-To videos from our help center that can clarify many aspects of site construction and web designing. It is incredible how the videos with edit website instructions can improve your attitude towards forming the site structure. We provide various examples and suggestions for site improvements and the newest design features and functions that make every site unique and memorable for your current users, potential customers, and business partners.