How to move a Group in a web block

Drag any grouped element to move the entire Group. You can group elements in a web block and then manipulate them as a single unit by selecting and dragging a group with its inners elements.

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How To Move A Group By Dragging Its Elements

To quickly move a Group like selected elements, you need to hold down them together to maintain the positioning. So you have to group the selected elements within the group and click on the group to select the group. Holding down the mouse cursor, you will be able to move the group without breaking down the positioning of the multiple elements within the group. It is much quicker and more effective than editing multiple elements one by one. You will quickly know how basic group and ungroup commands work within the context menu and website menu bar.

Grouping objects can help not only for moving grouping elements but also edit grouped elements to achieve a universal standard for the multiple items you select. You can select the elements and ungroup a single element to edit an individual chosen element using the right-click. Then select editing objects together with a double-click and make their group drag as you hold down the mouse cursor. Re-check that you drag all elements together, and those grouping elements work before making serious changes at the same time.

Select the element, click then on objects from the grouping which require an individual approach, and after editing elements group them back using ctrl+g hotkey. It is unnecessary to ungroup all items because one group will work as a part of the menu. For the menu, groups ungroup and edit the same way as all other groups. Dragging the multiple objects using one simple click is a great function that will help us develop even better website design quickly. Remember that simple clicking allows you to edit grouping objects the way you require them for your website's unique view.