Mobile-Friendly Web Design

The Mobile-Friendly Web Design allows you to adapt the web design of web pages to all main sizes of the device screens and browsers of the mobile devices. Responsive Web Design becomes more and more significant since the number of mobile device users grows every day.

Mobile-Friendly Web Design

Auto-Adaptation for Devices

Transform Cells and Items automatically to adapt layouts for Responsive Modes. You can use the Grid, List, and Gallery, and other Elements for that.

Responsive Grid

Responsive Grid

Use the Grid Element to make the Responsive Modes easily. On the smaller screens, the Grid Cells move one under another automatically.

Edit Mobile Views

Design your websites for all screens at once. Switch Mobile Views to see how your websites look on Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, and Phones, and edit each Responsive Mode separately.

Customize For Devices

Edit each Mobile View to customize for your needs, move cells, change the size, and make each mode of your site stand out.

Hide on Device

Easily hide Elements, Blocks, and Containers on Mobile Modes separately instead of deleting them in Responsive Views.