Form Builder Website Element

You can easily build the login, contact, subscription, and other types of forms with the Form Builder Element to communicate with your website visitors. All forms are fully responsive and ready to use.
Form Builder Website Element

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Free Templates with Form Builder

Get started with our best templates, great for any business. Create and customize them with our powerful and free website builder with no code. All templates are mobile-friendly and look excellent on any device.

How to Use Forms For Feedback and Communication

The Form Builder, maybe you know a WordPress form builder, is a website element that allows building the login, contact, subscription, and other forms. Choose the type, style, size, and color of the text that visitors will enter into the form fields. You can change the builder form background color from the settings and match it with your website. A grid can completely change the arrangement of the form element, so we give a lot of options of grids, and you can choose the most suitable one. Add custom CSS fields to the form, from which users will contact you, making communication more comfortable. It is essential to determine where the page builder places the field in the set of the fields in relation to the other fields. Shadow can be an integral part of the form element because it makes them look more attractive and adds brilliance to the whole website. Our drag and drop tool will help you control the shadow and put it in the right part of each form element.

Create modern forms with our drag and drop builder, and in a few minutes, you will get a powerful website with an attractive design. Don't worry if you don't know custom HTML tags, CSS or can't use the page builder. Our team will make it all work for you. Forms are fully responsive so that they will look well on different devices. You can create a form, application form, subscribe form, etc. You can create both minimalistic and complex graphics from elements, and it all depends on your project. Each element of the form is editable, so you can change the size of the form, add styles, the text block element of the page builder, and so on.

Create a new form element with our drag and drop editor, and you will not need to touch a code. If you don't like the header and footer, you can hide them, and the form will be without these parts. Our tool allows adding the video to your template, and it makes your layout more interactive. Like the WordPress form maker, this instrument enables adding CSS codes in the page builder so that you can create a unique style. Given custom post types, you can make multiple contact forms options that will appeal to all kinds of users. Getting started with our instruments is very easy and comfortable, and you don't need anything. Only download it or start editing online. Users continue to search for more comfortable website elements, like the GDPR section, responsive form elements, etc. So, you must update your design every time and give them more and more useful features.