How to use the supported languages in Nicepage

Use Nicepage Applications and Plugins to design websites and templates in your native language. We have translated the Nicepage User Interface into ten languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, and others, and we plan to add more. You can switch the User Interface language anytime at the top right on the Top Bar.
How to use the supported languages in Nicepage

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How to Use Multiple Languages While Building Own Websites

Unlike some website builders that provide their tool packages only in English or no more than three languages, we provide ten languages to our users to let you create your website with comfort. Different website builders have other conditions depending on whether you use a free version or premium. Still, you can easily make a website you want on any version of our plugins and applications. Currently, we support English, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Hungarian, Czech, and Swedish. Still, we are working on providing even languages for a great website building experience.

All the materials, including the getting started guide, support forum, SEO marketing, and email marketing guides, have multiple versions for every mentioned language in our free website builder website. We currently work on adding subtitles for support videos and other site content you might require to create your online store, eCommerce blog page, or different dynamic content for free websites. Pick your language on the right side of the top bar before getting started or after you sign up and discover how to make a website and make sure that it has a responsive design without struggling with the language barrier.

Make sure to create your new site or online store with custom content and images using our free website builder with the editor content and SEO settings to improve your results in various search engines. Your landing page dashboard, email marketing, and content marketing plugins will be automatically translated as soon as you switch the language. On the editor preview, you will see how the online stores or free websites will look in the end, so make sure to check it several times while you make a website to ensure that the website design fits perfectly.