How to restore deleted sites

You can restore the Deleted Sites by clicking on the link on the Dashboard, which opens the folder, where you can navigate and recover needed projects. The sites are stored for 30 days.
How to restore deleted sites

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How To Restore Deleted Sites

Nicepage adds new tools with every update, becoming better than the previous one. Nicepage is more flexible for the online builder and makes a tool that can restore sites. Nicepage has created recovering site tools for online builders. Deleted sites are stored for 30 days in deleted sites folder. The user needs to know how to click restore and restore previous deleted sites. To restore and use the sites, the user needs to see the link on the dashboard and then click Restore. Then with one click fix, open the sites folder, and from here, we can restore any site. The user needs to know a few steps to recover a deleted (SharePoint) Site. You can also ease Restore sites in Nicepage, as in many popular systems.

When users know how to recover a SharePoint site or restore just the site, he (she) is the good SharePoint site administrator. We will show a few examples, step 1, step 2, and step 3, to restore the SharePoint site and items. Let's s e how to recover files or business site collections from items under an empty recycle bin by clicking. First, view the link on the dashboard, which opens deleted site collections. Then choose the permanently deleted SharePoint site from the group. Users s e the permanently deleted site collection in recycle bin, then click restore a deleted SharePoint site. This is how we can restore deleted items from the SharePoint recycle bin. You can recover deleted websites from the second-stage recycle bin with one click is cool. Nicepage allows us to restore any deleted site collection and use deleted sub-sites site collections.

Nicepage deletes page use is more accessible than backup group or admin center use. Similar to Microsoft 365 the dashboard has good SharePoint sites to Restore a deleted file or page, but Nicepage has more clean and more functional. Nicepage recovers a deleted free trial site from the SharePoint recycle bin, but we see the more simple way to do this in Nicepage. Deleted SharePoint sites in recycle bin are stored for 30 days, then we select the site, and we can restore a site. How to recover deleted items under site collection administration root on the office 365 group is different but simpler in Nicepage. Start a free trial account and recover deleted files or deleted sites from recycle bin. Now the user is safe because he knows how to recover deleted files (folders), business data, or any Button, dropdown menu, contact, account, table of contents, and complete deleted websites from the second-stage site collection recycle bin.