How to use the Auto-Save feature while building websites

Save your works automatically not to lose any idea or important detail. You can disable this option in the Preferences.
How to use the Auto-Save feature while building websites

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How to Autosave Your Work And Progress

The Auto-save function is used everywhere, and it is used when we want not to lose our project. The autosave feature allows you to turn it on, and your project will be saved automatically. So, with it, you will never lose your project, only turn on this new feature, and there is no need to save every change. Adding this feature will secure your job process, ensuring your project is always protected. So, if you don't know how to do the autosave process very easily, visit Nicepage. Without having additional tools, you will be able to save your project.

Like the website builder, it saves the content whenever you quit the text engine or close the pages, so have made sure and start doing those actions. With the built-in auto-save, all of your modifications will be saved immediately, so you won't have as many things to do. You may see an indicator showing that the autosave option is enabled and working properly in the upper panel. The addition of a story function that shows past edits would also be good, but without it even, though, if there were a reliable way to save my work, what a great way to do it.

After you make the modifications, you will need to relaunch your site as a live site (editor there is no need to use) to load them. It may be hard to get accustomed to the change, but what guarantee is that after a few hours of using it, you'll love the new version! There is a common practice that instead of only having one released live version to work with, you can now have two different versions: a published version your visitors can view and another NEW rough draft version. Without a save or autosave, any Site Builder is practically useless if you plan to have several content pages. Also, if you notice you've gone wrong, you can cancel any changes by clicking the Cancel button on the top toolbar.