How to Use Quick Access Panels To Build Websites

Quick Access allows you to easily navigate to all the main Nicepage's user interface areas, such as Pages, Posts, Modal Popups, and Theme, Templates, Media Libraries, Site Settings, and Help.
Quick Access Panels

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Pages Panel

Use the Pages Panel to manage your site pages and folders. You can add, move, rename, change folders, and choose the page and folder options. Search pages and folders by typing letters from the titles in the search field.

Page Folders

Folders help you to organize your website pages into logical groups. You can also create sub-folders and move pages and folders by dragging in the Pages Panel. Add Folders by the Plus icon, use the Options icon to duplicate and rename, and the Bucket icon to delete pages and folders.

Posts Panel

If you create a Blog, you can access the Blog Posts from the Posts Panel. Click on the Post Title to switch posts and edit a Post's Title, Article, and Featured Image in the Post Editor. You can add a Post by clicking the link below your Posts or the Plus icon at the top of the Post Panel, and delete a post by clicking the Bucket icon.

Modal Popups Panel

Many modern websites have modal popups used for various purposes. A website can have several popups, for example, for subscriptions, promotions, purchases, etc. You can use the Modal Popups Panel of Quick Access to quickly open, easily add, and delete a modal popup. You can click the Modal Popup Names to switch them. At that, the Panel stays open.

Theme Settings Panel

To simply work while building a website, you can open the Theme Settings via Quick Access and modify Headings, Fonts, Typography, and Colors, which you will use on all website's elements on all Pages and Blog Posts. You can also access the commonly used shared Elements, including Header, Footer, Menu, and Sidebar. For European Union, you can specify the EU Cookie Popup.

Templates Panel

If you build a website, you can use Content Management Systems, CMS, like WordPress or Joomla. WordPress and Joomla have page templates used to output the dynamic content from the database, for example, Blog Posts, Store Products, Login, 404, etc. You can access your site's templates in the Templates Panel of Quick Access, allowing you to organize and manage the Built-In and Custom Templates conveniently. You can customize those templates to give them your unique look or make those pages consistent with the rest of your website design.

Media Panel

Today, most web pages have images, which are essential for any modern website, and it is necessary to have easy access to them while you build a website. In Nicepage, you can access your media by clicking the corresponding icon in the Quick Access sidebar. In the Media Panel, you can add, remove, and insert images and other media files to a web page with drag-n-drop without coding.

Site Settings Panel

Site Settings are the general properties required for websites, such as Name, Favicon, Default Keywords, Description, etc. You can access the Site Settings by clicking the Gear Icon on the Quick Access Sidebar. Further, by clicking on the links on the Site Settings Panel, you can quickly open the Site Settings Tabs, including General, SEO, Google, Additional HTML, Additional CSS, etc.

Help Panel

Anyone who uses Nicepage needs information about software features and how to access and use them. In the Editor, you can access Documentation, Tutorials, Videos, Support, and Forum by clicking the Question Mark Help Icon. On the Help Panel, there are also links to Documentation Categories and Search Field allowing you to find needed information quicker.