How to use the Grid element to build responsive websites

The Grid is a container element that you can use to place web page elements in cells. We recommend using the Grid Element, as it is good for responsive designs, as cells move one under another automatically on smaller screens.
Grid Element How to use the Grid element to build responsive websites

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Resize Grid Cells

If you need to create fancy layouts for your images, shapes, and texts, you can resize Grid Cells having various widths giving your designs a modern look.

Move Grid Cells

The Grids allow organizing various content, including images, icons, shapes, and text in the form of cells, which are very convenient to operate. In our visual editor, you can easily move cells in a Grid by simply dragging one Cell over another, perfecting your layout and content for your web design. In addition, you can click on the Arrow Icons on the Cell's context tool to move the Cell.

Grid Cell Gap

You can change the spacing between the Grid Cells by your web design requirements. For that, you can use the Cell Gap Property in the Property Panel. Select a Grid, then go to the Property Panel, scroll down the Panel, drag the Slider to modify the Gap.

Change Grid Layout

You can change the layout of the added Grid to a Block at any time. Select the Grid Element, then go to the Property Panel. Click the arrow to open the List of the Grid Presets and select the layout that suits better your web design idea. You can also add and remove Grid Cells in the Editor.

Grid Boxed And Wide

You can easily change the Grid's width from Boxed to Wide and vice versa. Select a Grid, then go to the Property Panel. Locate the Boxed/Wide icon near the Width and Height values, and change the Gird Layout by clicking that icon.

Grid Layout Flip

The Grid Element is very flexible. You can adjust its layout for the requirements of your web design idea. To flip the Grid that you placed in a Block. Select this Element, then go to the Property Panel to the right. Click the Flip drop-down list near the Grid Layout. Click the Flip or Rotate to perform the operation.

Grid Cell Background Type

A Cell of the Grid Element can have a Background, and you can use various types for it. You can apply the Color Fill, Gradient, Image, Video, or have no Background at all. Select a Grid Cell and go to the Property Panel. Choose a Background Type that best suits your web design.

Grid In Responsive Modes

The Grid Elements is very useful to build Responsive Modes, as in the smaller screens, the Grid Cells automatically move one under another. Also, for many Layouts, you can change the Grid Cell Order on all Mobile Views. Choose the Grid Element, switch the Responsive Mode on the Top Bar, adjust your Grid, if needed. For the most Grids, you do not need to make adjustments.

Hover Slider On A Grid Cell

The Slider Animation is a very popular reaction on Hover. You can add various effects for Grid Cells, for example, Fade, Overlay, Slide, Flip, Wobble, and Zoom. Select a Grid Cell, then go to the Property Panel. Click the Hover Slide link, then choose the effect you want to see on the Grid Cell's Hover.

80+ Grid Layouts

Get the widest variety of Grid layouts for your web design. The Grid Elements helps you to make your designs mobile-friendly automatically.

Grid For Mobile Devices

Use the Grid Element to make the Responsive Modes easily. On the smaller screens, the Grid Cells move one under another automatically.

Free Templates with Grid Element

Get started with our best templates, great for any business. Create and customize them with our powerful and free website builder with no code. All templates are mobile-friendly and look excellent on any device.

Using the Grid Element In The Website Creation

Our Grid element provides a cell container where you can place other elements you wish to demonstrate in a very compact and user-friendly interface that will look great on any device, whether PC, Mac, or mobile device. After adding the elements, you can also pick a color palette, the size of the cells and change their positioning quickly, simply, and very effectively. Using the responsive grid element, you can create a great beautiful blog-ish interface with any color palette or use our modern templates for a quick creation. Sign up to our news emailing to get several update letters per month about new unique possibilities in web creation.

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