How to protect a web page with the password

You can protect your website pages with a password. For this, click on the gray area around the Editor to select the Page. Go to the Property Panel, and scroll down to the Password Protection section. Set your password. Preview. Accessing such a page will open Password Protection.
Page Password Protection How to protect a web page with the password

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Page Password Template

To set the Password Protection dialog for a website project, you need to modify the Page Protection Template. Like any other template, you can find the Page Protection Template in the Quick Access Templates Panel. Click on this template link to open it in the Editor. Modify. You can preview this template in the Quick Preview or the exported site for the protected pages.

Password Form Styling

Like any other Contact Form on a web page, you can stylize the Password Form. Select a form in the Block. Go to the Property Panel, and click on the corresponding links to access panels to modify the Fill, Spacing, and all other available properties for the form.

Page Password Protection Settings

You can set the Page Password Protection in the Property Panel for the Page. If entered, it cannot access a page until you enter the password. Accessing a protected page, a user needs to enter the password only once. If two have the same password, there is no need to reenter the password.

Page Password Protection In WordPress

The Page Password Protection from Nicepage is integrated into WordPress. You can set it in the Page Settings and the Property Panel. In addition, you can still use the default Page Password Protection available in WordPress, as it is fully supported.

Page Password Protection In Joomla

In Joomla, there is the Page Password Protection integrated from Nicepage, and you can set the password both in Joomla and Nicepage Page Settings.

Page Password Protection In Online Editor

You can set the password to protect pages in the Nicepage Editor online. You can also protect pages publishing websites to the Nicepage Hosting from the Nicepage Applications in Windows and Mac OS.

How To Use The Password Protection On Pages

The page password helps to secure every aspect of your page and prevent it from being deleted or altered. There are many ways to password protect an individual page or to protect custom post type, but our builder provides one of the easiest ways to password protect the page. Click on the page for which you need to add protection, and go to the Properties Panel on the right. At the bottom, you will find the enable Password Protection section, where you can enter the password you require to set up. Only personnel whose user roles allow them will be able to enter the password before modifying the page. Before joining, the sitewide login page will appear, stating that they need to enter the page password. Once they enter the password, the built-in password protected content of entire site will be available. The user roles which do not have access to the protected page will not have the page password and will to be able to enter it.

The built-in protection provides the sitewide password form you can set up and use to password protect the categories on the password-protected page. The custom page templates will help you customize the login page templates making them unique or similar to password protect WordPress pages. The questions about how to password the landing page website or password protect WordPress content and password protect Woocommerce products can often occur. Our builder uses a login page where visitors need to enter a password they will receive from you via email or message. There are also ways to password protect WordPress PPWP using a plugin applicable for landing pages and WordPress custom post types.

The WordPress login page plugins add new features and allow you to choose password protected of page content without additional complications. Our protection templates can hide and add password-protected content or unlock the protected content using our simple navigation. Add a password-protected page later post with a single password form or the same password for multiple landing pages. To password protect Woocommerce Product, you need to enter a new password, the same way as to protect WordPress custom post information. To password protect WordPress categories of any landing page, enable the page password so the system would display a form where users would be prompted to enter a password to review the password protected categories.