How to hide Elements, Boxes, Blocks, etc., on Mobile Devicess

Easily hide Elements, Boxes, Grid Cells, and Blocks for any Desktop or Mobile Views separately instead of deleting them in Responsive Modes.

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How To Hide An Element On Mobile Device

Using Nicepage, you can easily hide certain elements on Mobile Modes. The number of mobile device users is increasing every day, so it's essential to have a technology that effectively covers up certain items to be viewed on mobile devices. To speed up mobile-friendly development, you can use responsive display types for hiding elements depending on the mode. If the item is visible on your mobile device, you can show it on only the desktop, laptop, and tablet, and not on mobile devices. You can modify the items in the mobile view. This function is very convenient as it allows you to manage which item or block is displayed and hidden when viewed on different devices.

You can decide for yourself which item to show in each mode. According to google analytics, responsive design is an important feature for mobile users. Besides this feature, many people use Html with CSS code to hide elements on mobile devices. Responsive design is necessary for today's web design, and representing the version of your site elements on different devices can be a big challenge. Many people don't know how to show or hide elements on the other device screens. With Nicepage, you can make it in a few seconds.

Getting started with Nicepage is very easy to create a wonderful responsive design very fast. You may want to have different menu items on devices of a certain size sometimes, and with Nicepage, you will learn how to handle that by displaying and hiding menu items based on the mode's screen size. You may hide any layout elements (on different screen sizes), the image cell, for a certain view, for example, for the Phone Landscape. It is also effortless to unhide this element back. Switch places of cells of the same row, if needed. If you don't know how to set up tools from other websites, don't worry, you can only visit Nicepage. You can change the visibility of the element only with one click. It becomes invisible for mobile users when you hide the element, so your content is more convenient. You can also modify a particular area in responsive views.