How to use Images to design modern beautiful sites

Embed the images into your web pages with the Image Element. You can drag images from the desktop. The Image Elements supports all the primary formats for the pictures, including SVG and WEBP.
Image Element How to use Images to design modern beautiful sites

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Expand Image

Turn your image into a background in one click. And, if needed, collapse any image background to an image with a click and place it in your layout.

Fit Image Background

Crop your images to focus the viewer's sight on an object in the picture. You can also zoom the image while cropping to get the perfect fit to your layout and highlight your design idea.

Drag Images From Desktop

A computer mouse is a very powerful selection tool. The Drag And Drop is the simplest and most essential skill for any user. You can add images to your image library and create a Gallery immediately, right after your drag the images from your desktop. It will save your time leaving for creativity and idea implementation.

Search For Free Images

You can build websites for absolutely free using the Free Image Search tool. We have integrated one of the largest free stock images, which you can use in your website projects. You can use the free images for both personal and commercial use.

Animate Images On Hover

Animation of the Image Element can attract your website visitors and retain them longer on your website. You can animate your website image without using additional code, JavaScript, or Flash! Use the Presets and corresponding sections in the Property Panel.

How To Add And Maintain Images In Website Editor

An image element is one of the basic layout elements that contains stock images or your own images that reflect or support the idea and goals of your webpage or an article and is one of the crucial marketing tools for attracting customers' attention. You can create structure elements and add images to them to make your terms of service or menu, for example, when you click on menu element different images will reflect different tabs and sections. Add a new button element and add an image you designed as its icon, or select a different image as a preview for a video element. So read below to learn how to add your own images or add an image gallery to the site and make it different from other web pages which are using an image library.

Step 1: Decide what kind of content you want to provide. Step 2: Note how other web resources provide this content. Step 3: Open our website editor click the left menu list of elements and click on the image element. Step 4: Add an image that your article describes or upload images to make an image gallery section. Step 5: Drag and drop the complete image element on the landing page to position it the best way using drop options. Click the options button to select a new image or edit an existing one as well as add the image alt text. The alt text is very important for visitors who have vision problems and cannot open the image, therefore require a text description of an image you upload. Create a PDF file and add it to stock images or select the page element you want to use only once.

In our editor, select everything you need to edit the image, insert an image as an icon or a menu icon element, and click to save these options or add images only once. Learn how to add an image you require and choose the file type for your image element in our help center, review our video tutorials, or find the answer from our specialists using a quick contact form with your email address or phone number provided.