How to fit Images and Image Backgrounds on a web page

Crop your images to focus the viewer's sight on an object in the picture. You can also zoom the image while cropping to get the perfect fit to your layout and highlight your design idea.

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Crop Image For Design and Fun While Building Modern Websites

The cropping feature allows you to fit the image into the template. If you don't like the original version of the picture, don't worry. Only open our image editor and change it. Our tool allows you to resize images, so you don't need to use other image editing software. Like the powerful WordPress plugins or business name generator, our tool allows align images, change the top margin or bottom margin, add shade, work with texts, etc. It is a very useful instrument for your small businesses websites. If you don't like some part of the element, you can easily cut it off and leave the part you want. You can zoom in and zoom out of an element and cut out the exact size of the element.

First, familiarize yourself with the terms of service and start using our tools. Using powerful drag-and-drop positioning, you can use our visual Page Editor to edit photos, change content like text, images, and edit grids and other elements. It is very time-saving as it requires no coding to design any websites, themes, eCommerce templates, and blog posts. Use the aspect ratio icon and crop your original image. The image editing process with our tool is very easy, so start using Nicepage editor now. Select an image you want to crop, then click on crop and crop an image easily.

Zoom in the image to the necessary size ratio and click on done. If you don't like the size, click expand or collapse. If you don't like the image, you can easily change it. Click on the changing image, choose the most beautiful image from Nicapage galley, Pixabay gallery, or enter your image link. There are many useful features for your marketing or the business company. Using our editor, crop images, duplicate, add cells, edit image styles, and so on. This tool allows editing images without using different tools so that you can make needed operations with your photos in one place. You can easily crop photos in Nicepage and adjust the image to fit on your social page, in a printed image frame, or on the business card.