How to expand an image in Visual Page Editor

Turn your image into a background in one click. And, if needed, collapse any image background to an image with a click and place it in your layout.

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Expand And Collapse Images In Visual Website Editor

With our built-in image editor, you can easily resize your images. Some people want to know how you can start resizing the image for my website. It is very easy. Here you can find information, on how to start using our tool. Select the image you want to change, then click on the expand. If you're going to make your image smaller, click on the collapse. So, you can easily change your website design. When you expand the image, it becomes the background of the whole page, so it makes it very easy to set the background of the page. Through collapse, you can give the element an initial size. Through collapse, you can give the element an initial size. Then you can move it around and put it where you want it on the page.

Follow the steps below, and you will be able to make changes to your image very fast. Step 1: open our editor. Add images to your website layout, select an image and resize them. There is a question, how do you add these images without expanding file size. It will help you to reduce your file size (as it is possible). When you resize the image using our editor, it doesn't affect the image quality. The aspect ratio stays the same, and the editable image keeps the same shape. After this, you must make sure that you save the layout and download it.

A most common way to work with large images is to use our visual page editor to edit high-resolution images using the powerful drag-and-drop positioning. The image format does not play any role here, and you can expand both png image and jpg format and automatically adjust it to the layout. With our tool, it's very easy to adjust the size of the image to the website. Do you need help in working with any resolution images? We are here. Only open our editor, select the image you might need to expand, and start working. When you expand your image, the quality doesn't change.