How to use the Grid Repeater element on websites

Design one column and the Grid Repeater will automatically repeat your design to other columns, including a set of elements, styling, and positioning. Specify text, images in each column to finalize your design. It will save time, allowing you to focus on creativity.
Grid Repeater Element

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Add Columns To Grid Repeater

You can easily change the number of Columns for the Grid Repeater used in a Block. Click on the blue Plus icon at the right side of the Grid Repeater, then select the number of columns from the drop-down list. You can choose both incrementing and decrementing numbers.

Add Rows To Grid Repeater

Similar to adding Columns, you can increase and decrease the number of Rows by clicking the blue Plus icon at the bottom of the Grid Repeater. After you see the drop-down list, you can select the number of required rows. You can choose both incrementing and decrementing numbers.

Columns And Rows Properties

The Property Panel allows you to modify Element Properties. For example, you can change the Columns and Rows in one place for the Grid Repeater. To change the Columns and Rows, go to the Property Panels, and drag the corresponding sliders to change the property values.

Grid Repeater Item Gap

Using the Item Gap Property in the Property Panel, you can change the distance between Grid Repeater Elements. Select the Grid Repeater, go to the Property Panel, find the Item Gap property, and drag its slider to change the distance between the Grid Repeater Items.

Multi-Selection To Grid Repeater

You can convert multiply selected Elements to a Grid Repeater. It speeds up the development of Blocks like Features, Team, Testimonials, etc. Select multiple Elements, then click on the blue Plus icon on the left border. Next, select the Grid Repeater layout.

Grid Repeater Item Colors

Using the Grid Repeater Element, you can apply different colors to its Items and contained Elements. For that, go to the Property Panel and switch All Items to Item in the "Apply Style To" section. Then set the Colors required for your web design idea

Grid Repeater To Carousel

Carousel Sliders are very popular in modern web design, and usually, Carousel Items have the same layout and item sets. In Nicepage, you can easily convert any Grid Repeater into a Carousel by clicking the switcher option in the Property Panel.

Box Hover Animation for Grid Repeater Items

Similar to the Group Element, you can animate Grid Repeater Items on Group (Item) Hover. At that, you can also Add the Hover Animation Effect to Items, and they will work together. Go to the Property Panel, down to the Animation On section, set both Hover, and Group Hover Animation Effects if needed.

Free Templates with Grid Repeater Element

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How To Use Grid Repeater For Website Features And More

Web designing and web development is a very time-consuming process. And any optimization in processes is very helpful for professionals and newcomers and those who only start their practice. Our grid repeater is an intuitional and effective tool that allows you to quickly copy the design and color palette of the columns and rows. Create one column or a row and then promptly multiply them without loosing your custom design features. Furthermore, you can even customize the gap, color palette, add carousel, animations, and other properties in the settings menu. We also provide a vast amount of various templates with the grid repeater already integrated.

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