How to use the Nicepage WordPress Plugin

Use Nicepage directly in your WordPress. Build design, add Images, edit Content - all from your favorite CMS. Add the power of modern responsive layouts to your web pages and templates. Work directly on your WordPress.
How to use the Nicepage WordPress Plugin

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How To Use the Nicepage Plugin Directly On WordPress Websites

You can use the zip with theme and Plugin to install on new hosting and get an excellent landing page in a few clicks. You can export the Nicepage theme from the Desktop Application for Windows or Mac OS. WordPress theme plugin (like the WordPress page builder plugin) by Nicepage comes with a built-in update system and helps create unique designs. A Top panel containing the list of WordPress Pages, the Website Settings, the Theme Properties, and the Add Menu at the top center. The Web Page Navigator makes it easy to select and operate blocks. Each block has a menu. We will use the Duplicate operation to copy the current block. Similar to the drag and drop creative page builder, our tool allows easily switch blocks and change their ordering in the navigator. Drag and drop interface items from the folder or the desktop into the block. It is simple to change the cell background with the drag-and-drop page builder plugin and edit design elements. To see the live preview, click the preview button.

A WordPress page builder plugin is one of the most powerful tools for your website design. With the free WordPress website builder, you can take full control over every element of the web page, and the website building process gets more comfortable. You can build websites with the WordPress plugin, so add custom CSS code and edit the design in your style. WordPress theme plugin allows creating wonderful websites, and you can edit elements and front-end elements (no coding language required). Get a wonderful website builder experience with WordPress plugins, as they help create a fluid website with no coding languages (like JS, CSS, and so on.).

You can edit your Site Menu using the Nicepage WordPress Editor Plugin (similar to a simple WordPress website builder). All Menu changes made in the Editor are saved to the Primary Navigation Menu of your WordPress site. If you have other pages that use the Menu, then the Menu will also change for them, for example, for the Theme Pages like Blog and Search Results. Moving Items in the Menu Editor, you modify the Order of the menu items. With plugins, you have control over every item. By editing Labels of the menu items with the WordPress Plugin, you do not change the actual name of your pages. Like the intuitive drag and drop webpage builder, WordPress plugins allow editing global design settings.