How to use the Lazy Loading for image on websites

The Image Lazy Loading allows you to load the page images gradually on a page scrolling. It decreases the web page's loading speed since the pictures are not loaded all at once, which is good for SEO.

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How To Use The Image Lazy Loading To Increase The Loading Speed Of Web Pages

You can face the loading speed issue during the gallery or blog creation. The loading attribute increases the page load time on your site structure, making it slow and sluggish. Using an intersection observer API partially fixes the problem, but to solve this issue, you may want to use the lazy loading images. Loading lazy load images helps a browser defer loading the images and iframes until your user scrolls near them. It will boost the user experience and performance of the web page load. The term lazy-loaded refers to not loading offscreen images without the necessity.

Using intersection observer API best practices and image loading attribute specificities, the lazy-loading images provide excellent support to web developers and designers. Usage of the lazy loading images helps increase the number of images and improve CSS background images and images with native lazy loading user scrolls during the site exploration. Those images with a native lazy loading will have a greater speed despite the page load times. The same effect of the lazy load images is transferred to CSS background images to create a beautiful design picture.

The lazy load, which provides a defer loading for many images, allows keeping a high resolution and quality support for lazy-loading images. The defer loading of images of any formats and sizes provides a better user experience for background images on the page and lazy loading images from your gallery or blog posts. The lazy image loading uses an intersection observer API, proving itself effective, especially in cross-browser support. The lazy-loaded structure is an effective way to improve your website performance by loading lazy load images only if necessary.