How to use the Image Background Hover Animation on web pages and blocks

You can add interaction to the Image Galleries and Image Backgrounds to attract and retain visitors' attention. There are several popular presets for the Image Background Hover Animation, including Zoom In and Out, Resize, and Slide, that you can apply to Image Backgrounds. Choose those on the Image Hover Panel while editing Properties to the right.
Image Background Hover Animation

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Image Background Hover Zoom-In

The Zoom In Effect is the most basic Animation Effect for Image Backgrounds or Image Galleries. It is the most expected reaction that might occur while hovering over an image. To enable the Zoom In Effect, add or select an Image Gallery or a Group and modify the Hover properties in the Property Panel.

Image Background Hover Zoom-Out

The Zoom Out is the pairing Zoom Effect that is also popular for Image Backgrounds or Image Galleries. While hovering over an image, you can have it as an alternative to make your web pages interesting. To enable the Zoom Out Effect, add or select a Group or an Image Gallery. Go to the Property Panel to set this property.

Image Background Hover Resize

The Background Resize makes it obvious while hovering over Group Image Background or Gallery Images. To use the Resize Effect, add or select an Image Gallery or a Group. Go to the Property Panel, click on the Image Hover link. Select the Resize Preset, and modify it if needed.

Image Background Hover Slide

The Slide Animation Effect makes interesting interaction while hovering over Gallery Images or Image Background of a Group. To enable The Slide Animation Effect, add or select a Group or Image Gallery. Go to the Property Panel, and select the Slide Preset in the Image Background Hover properties.

How To Use The Image Background Hover Animation Making Web Pages Beautiful

Creating a beautiful social media site or media-oriented webpage can be extremely challenging. Even using CSS transitions and CSS image hover effects cannot guarantee that the mix of beautifully made CSS image hover effects or CSS background image preferences will create a perfect hover effect impression. You must not create your own hover effect for only one image or element, but build a bigger picture using the collection of hover effects we can provide. Unlike CSS image hover effects or advanced CSS animations based on the CSS code, our site builder provides efficient solutions for developers of any competence.

Apart from standard background images animations, you can also set box shadow, zoom, resize, and slide image hover effects. Our users can customize these effects and add hover effects they created or re-designed like the image caption hover animation or hover effects 20 circles and round. Similar to CSS class and hover CSS property, our flexible image hover effect customization lets you set the duration, transparency, and direction of background images animations. Or add some of your own clip-path hover effect animations to make your site the only one of its kind.

When your user hovers over the image you animated, he will see the ideal transition of every keyframe with smooth fade-ins and outs, unlike CSS image hover, where the image hover effect needs a specific setting and correlation. Yet similar to CSS hover effect and image caption or SVG clip-path hover effect, we know that the effect that appears when the visitors hover over the image is a part of a fragile eco-structure. This structure needs to stay stable but needs to have enough flexibility to be prepared for intense customizations and improvements all at the same time.