Case Study: From Adobe Muse To Nicepage


Author: John Folkmann, Designspace,

Nicepage is just so intuitive to work with. Clicking an object, text or image opens up a dialogue box – only showing what you need regarding that object, so you are never lost in a complicated structure of possible actions. It’s right there when you need it.

Nicepage: What Is It And What Makes It So Different


For three years, we have been analyzing modern web designs and existing site builders. We have found it is extremely difficult to create modern web designs using existing site builders. That’s why we have started to work on Nicpeage, a new type of software - website designer that will bring a natural approach into the web design process.

Nicepage Update: March 2019 - FireFox Compatibility Release


We are pleased to inform you that we finished the process of implementing support for Nicepage Editor in FireFox browser.

Nicepage Update: February 2019 - Animation

  • Animation
  • Improved the compatibility of Nicepage Website Builder with FireFox
  • New documents: client licenses, White Label and How to create a simple HTML form

Nicepage Update: February 2019


- New Home Page Design
- White Label Feature
- Firefox browser Beta support for Nicepage Builder
- Bug Fixes and New Features

Web Design 3.0: When Your Web Design Really Matters


This article consists of several chapters:
1. The new revolution in Web Design has already happened.
2. What makes Nicepage that different?
3. We open the secret of the most trendy web designs on the Web.

Nicepage Update: December 2018

  • New Videos: How to use Grid and How to use Sections
  • New Web Design Gallery
  • Growth in Nicepage Pins views
  • Upcoming Features, Improvements and Fixes

Nicepage Update: November 2018

  • New Free Version
  • New Video: Menu Demo
  • New Language Translations for the Nicepage User Interface
  • Bug Fixes and New Features

Nicepage Update: October 2018

  • New Video: Menu Demo
  • New Language Translations for the Nicepage User Interface
  • New Container Options
  • New Site Designs
  • Bug Fixes and New Features

Nicepage Update: September - October 2018

  • Client Licenses
  • Voting Results
  • New Demo Videos: How to use Joomla Positions and WordPress Sidebars
  • Bug Fixing and New Features
  • New Designs
  • Upcoming Features

Nicepage Update: August - September 2018

  • New Demo: How to create the Responsive Web Design
  • Added Export/Import Project
  • Added Position and Size properties
  • CSS 30% optimization, WP and Joomla Plugin is reduced by 250Kb
  • New Breadcrumbs control

Nicepage Updates: Jul 24 and Aug 10 2018

  • French and German translations are supported now
  • Optimized html and stylesheet files in the exported HTML websites
  • Improved compatibility with InternetExplorer 11
  • Improved the performance and the stability of the application
  • In desktop added the Preview in Browser feature
  • Added full list of Google Fonts
  • Added the ability to position the Slider Arrows and Indicator
  • New Slider Animations

Nicepage Update: July 2018


- New One Minute Design videos
- Image URL source support
- Form Mail Chimp source support
- Blog FIX: Blog Post Header is linked to the Post now
- Desktop Export / Exporting into Image support
- Form / Phone Responsive Fix
- Sidebar / Border Support
- Sidebar / Line separator support
- UI New hot keys support
- UI Right Panel Tabs improvements: support of 3 levels
- Header / Overlapping Header navigation fixes
- Slider / UI Improvements

Feature Update: June 2018


- Logo Control
- Headline Control
- Search Control
- Sidebar Layout for Blog and Post Templates
- Sidebar Control with Block / Widget styles
- Hide Header / Footer.
- Off-Canvas Menu with addiing and drag’n’drop eidting of menu and controls
- Multi-level menu styles
- Hosting / Create multi-level menu
- Header Overlapping

New Artisteer Intelligent Designer


We are writing about Nicepage, our new outstanding product, founded with the main goal to address the need for design of great–looking websites from any content source in seconds...