How to edit the Video Background on a web block

Add videos as background to Groups, Cells, and Blocks. You can use the link to YouTube and Vimeo, your server links to videos, and upload video files.

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How To Add Beautiful Background Video To Your Webpage

Website video background is a simple yet very effective way to improve the user experience of your site visitors and make it more beautiful and memorable. Some website builders like Wix or Elementor page builders use a video background plugin to read several video formats. However, you do not have to worry about formats in our builder. You can add the website video background from a free stock footage library or upload your own video background. In case of uploading your own video, make sure the video file is not corrupted and has a good resolution and bitrate.

The right video background should sustain the atmosphere and improve the impression and user experience, making sure that stock footage correlates with the website's main theme. Like free stock images, using stock videos is a great way to make a quick and efficient preset theme that supports video content of any quality and can embed background videos for various situations. If you want a quick website background video creation, choose a theme that supports video backgrounds, or you can create a theme that promotes motion backgrounds and use it as a preset in the future. Make sure that free video footage for website background videos goes under the Creative Commons license or is acquired from the free stock video library. Using video backgrounds you can add user-friendly content to attract a greater audience.

To make your background video loop while visitors browse it, pick a short video from social media or make a short video loop with an autoplay setting. Using a website video background can also positively affect the email marketing of your site. Even a simple stock video using a video background can attract more visitors than the site without one. Using video backgrounds is very easy but extremely efficient, so if you add effective website video backgrounds, you can be sure that it will drastically improve the overall view and popularity of the site. Do not forget and make sure to sign up to get new information about creating or adding video background and what new social media free video is popular and ready for webpage usage.