How to show the Hidden Header in the web page editor

You can hide and unhide the Header in the Property Panel for a Page by clicking on the gray area beyond the Editor and going to the Property Panel. In addition, you can click on the link to the top right of the Editor near the Options icon to unhide the hidden Header at any time, which is very convenient, quick, and easy to find.

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How To Hide The Website Header And Unhide It With Link

During the website building, one of the most important elements of the main page is the site header and footer. While you think about building a responsive header layout with web design best practices, you can quickly hide the header section if you click on the three-dot icon on the gray area of the editor page and take away the checkmark for Show Header. The header layout will disappear, and you will concentrate on the website design. Even if you use a sticky header, a website will still not reflect it if the function is active. When you feel like using the website header best practices, you can quickly enable the Header at any moment. Just click the link that appeared in the grey area to show the Header.

Designing a website header is a difficult choice of what elements of the site navigation should be present and how they should be presented? The standard header layout at the top of the landing web page may include the company logo, search bar, and navigation menu. However, most online store websites, for example, also place a shopping cart icon on the Header and contact details with phone number and email address. The media website header may include social media icons and quick login or signup forms that use an email address with a phone number, especially when the site concentrates on mobile devices.

The website with contact information in the Header may contain contact information, so the most important email address or phone number should always be present. When you learn how to build a website header design, make sure to note the website header design best practices like the call to action buttons in the website header design, shopping cart, or hamburger menu that inflict not only the site header design but also its functionality. Keep in mind that the first thing your visitors see is the Header, and what call to action button or social media icons would be present will determine the user experience of your potential clients.