How to use the SEO Text Highlights while editing texts on websites

Emphasize your keyword and key phrases with the highlights in the text. It boosts your keywords importance, which ranks better, and gets better scores in the results of the search engines.
How to use the SEO Text Highlights while editing texts on websites

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How To Easily Use SEO Text Highlights

In modern web design, search engine optimization plays a huge role, so without having SEO, it is very difficult to attract new visitors. This feature enables to highlight of one keyword phrase (or several) in the editing process, and after this, the text is ready for the organic search results. You do not need to read the SEO guide or something like this, and everything is very simple. If you have a website, you have to improve your content so that it scores as well as possible. Nicepage will help you to improve the keyword phrase importance for the Google search robots, and the number of your site visitors will increase. Also, it allows visitors to find relevant content on your website and stay there for some time. The first thing that potential visitors will see on your website's different search results pages will be your SEO title.

For the search engines structure of the HTML pages are also very important. If the Google user enters the text, he will see the highlighted words on the page results. For search engine optimization, many people add the text content and title tag inside the meta tags. When the site search engine optimization is poor, the user who clicks on the featured snippet gets only to the upper part of the text of the original page. If the word query is highlighted in the structure of the URL (web address), then using keywords in the URL will either break or make search engine visibility. According to Danny Sullivan, for the search engines, it is very important to highlight your text (in amp pages since the December 2018 version). Besides the text of HTML pages, highlighting (red, yellow, or another color) also helps social media pages to rank up in SEO.

Title tag contents and main content determine placement in all major search engines. Many web pages are ranking well and receiving qualified traffic from the search engines by not having keywords in a URL structure. Using the keywords in your HTML title tag, descriptions, meta tag, and body will also result in terms being highlighted in the search results. In the modern SEO world, featured snippets are also shown and highlighted on the hosting websites. If you notice a featured snippet - a result of a search at the top of Google's results underneath the ads in the box, click on it. All the modern featured snippets also remark the needed text inside the sentences. If we believe Danny Sullivan, clicking on the featured snippet just took the visitor to the webpage from that Google had extrapolated text.