How to edit the Radius property for a element in web design

Use the Radius property to define the radius of the Element's corners. This property allows you to add rounded corners to Shapes and Containers.

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How Radius or Rounded Corners Can Improve The Look Of Your Webpage

Professional web designers understand that elements in the form of a rectangle with sharp edges can sometimes discourage users and aggravate the UX design. Subconsciously sharp objects hurt and user experience can suffer from a great number of sharp corners on the webpage. They do provide strict user experience design, however, it is not always good for the sites that have more entertaining goals. Similar to Figma or Adobe xd product design, our designing platform software that does not require hi-end hardware for user interfaces creation provides everything you need for a new and exciting UX design.

In order to create a custom web design with a friendly user interface without sharp edges, enter your dashboard in our site builder and click on the element which sharp corners you want to smooth. Look at the right settings panel and find the shape and radius settings. The shape provides you with a quick choice of which one you want to set, either rectangular or a circle. The radius setting, similar to Adobe xd, allows you to customize the corners to create beautiful rounded elements that will draw attention. By moving the radius slider you can make rounded corners the way you want and fit the round corners into your new website design.

Experiment using rounded corners and sharp corners in your website design and discover that some or maybe the majority of your visitors love rounded borders and welcome the user interface design you are providing. Sign up to monitor what new web design tutorials we publish and some important messages that may improve your creative process. Only 3 min read of this article can make you re-think the approach to user interfaces and graphic design of your elements, especially using rounded corner design for icon elements.