How to use the Login Link in the site's Header

Insert the Login link to connect to the sign-in page on your website. You can stylize the link if needed.
How to use the Login Link in the site's Header

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How To Create A Simple Login Hyperlink To Access Your Login Page

Login and register pages are some of the basic pages that almost all websites have. Users provide their personal data or social media account details to enter the main site and fully use the site's functionality. But during the creation of the signup pages, questions may occur, like how to add a custom login form you created or how to add login form pages to your landing pages? If you are having problems placing the login form, you can use the logging link function of our site builder. This function lets you add login pages using the link login page URL.

This function is available in any site theme or default site template of your account. First, let us understand how to add a custom link and enable it using login and register or logout link URLs. Copy the URL of the logging or register link you want to add to, for example, the navigation menu section. Then click on the add new link icon near the element, and the pop-up menu will appear where you can write how to show the name of the link, select the option you want to apply, and paste the login form URL itself. Then click "OK."

This also answers how to show the login form under the logo after you add the header menu section. Add a text element, select it and click Add custom link. The login will automatically use the last updated version of the registration page or login form, so you do not need to worry about updates. You can also add custom accounts or use this function other than logging forms. Apart from the registration page, you can make, for example, the powered by help scout text as a link for your other products and web pages.