How to use the Image Gallery element on a website

Add a collection of your favorite images to your web designs using the Gallery Element. Add text titles, apply hover effects, and styling.
Image Gallery Element How to use the Image Gallery element on a website

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Image Gallery Gap

The Gallery Images can have similar palettes and colors and sometimes it is hard to distinguish them on a web page. You can easily add the spacing between the Gallery Images by increasing the Gap in the Property Panel. Select your Gallery then go to the Property Panel to the right and drag the slider of the Gap Propperty.

Gallery Layout Change

The Gallery in Nicepage is a transformable Element, which you can easily convert to the Carousel, Slider, Slider With Thumbnails, and Slider With Captions. Select any Gallery in a Block and go to the Property Panel. Click the Layout Property Icons to apply the Layout Change.

Image Gallery Lightbox

The Image Lightbox option allows you to enlarge a Gallery Image to preview it in detail. This option is available for the Grid Layout and enabled by default. However, if you need to disable or reenable this Property, you can select a Gallery on your web page then go to the Property Panel. Click the Imag Style link, then check the Image Lightbox checkbox on the next Panel.

Gallery Text Style

As with any other Text on your web page, you can change the font parameters for the Gallery Texts, both Heading and Text, separately. For that, select a Gallery, then in the Property Panel to the right,-lick the Text Style Link. In the next Panel, modify the Texts' properties and see the preview of your changes in the Editor. Please note that you need to have the Gallery Text, which you need to enter in the special fields.

Gallery Image Hover Animation

The Gallery looks more attractive on your web designs if it interacts with your visitors. Therefore, you can add it in the form of the Animation On Hover for your Gallery Images. Select your Gallery, then go to the Property Panel. Click the Image link in the Animation section, and choose the Animation On Hover Effect for your Gallery Images on the next panel.

Gallery Text Hover Animation

You can add the Animation On Hover for the Gallery Texts, making your web designs even more interactive and attractive for website visitors. Select the Gallery. If the Gallery Layout has texts, go to the Property Panel. Add Texts and then click the Text Layer link in the Animation section. Click one of the Presets and customize the Animation On Hover Effect if needed.

Gallery Image Text

For the Gallery Layouts like Caption and Slider, you can add the Heading and Text describing the Gallery Image. When your visitors click on the Image Lightbox Mode, you can see these texts in the Image Lightbox Mode. To show Gallery Image Texts, select the Gallery and then change its layout to show texts. Go to the Property Panel, then enter texts into the special fields.

Gallery Image Radius

The Gallery Images can have the Radius, making your Galleries look more interesting and diverse. To enable the Radius for Gallery Images, select the Gallery, then Image Style in the Property Panel. Please drag the Radius Slider or enter its value to rouse the corners of the Gallery Images.

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Image Gallery Element On Modern Websites

Add a collection of your favorite images to your web designs using the Gallery Element. Add titles, apply hover effects, and styling. Build a collection of your favorite images into your web layout with the Gallery element. Add headers, hover effects, and styling. Here you can find professional HTML templates. If you need help in the website creation process, our instruments will help in every process. You can select images, change elements such as color, size, add new items, edit layout options, and size, you choose between different variations more suitable for you. Our tool allows you to create a page using blocks, the intro, about, features, etc.

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A gallery can be a successful addition to a business website that will give your website a fresh appearance. You can add headers, add information about your company such as email address, office address, change the gallery background color, apply hover effects, etc. You can modify each image gallery element in your style, so get a unique website with unique elements. Modify columns and rows of your image gallery, change the image gap, add video in the gallery, etc. We make sure that the images in the gallery are fully responsive and adapt to the screen size and conditions of any device you can choose between. Edit your template online with the editor and control image aspect ratio, size, color, etc. Similar to the gallery widget, with our tool, you can add captions to selected images. From this article, you will learn how to use an image gallery for your website.