How to modify the Font property on web pages

The Fort Property is essential for styling any text Elements like Headings, Text, Hyperlink, Lists, etc. It sets the font family, boldness, variant, size, line height. And you can use this property to specify the overall Theme Typography and individual font properties of any Text Element.
How to modify the Font property on web pages

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How To Choose The Best Font For Your Website

Creating a website starts from choosing the right font pairings, for example, sans serif primary font & secondary classic serif font combination to stress the title or heading to attract the visitor to the main body text, which he will read without discomfort. During webpage creation, the possibility to customize different font options or add custom fonts plays a crucial role in building the website design. A web designer can use standard Google fonts or custom fonts to create a unique web design atmosphere. That’s why you need to understand how to choose different fonts with different font sizes and styles to form the best user experience for your projects. Once you’ve signed up, you can start selecting fonts for the website.

The header is a magnet that attracts potential visitors to your page with a flashy but laconic design, so font size is one of the main points separating it from the body text. The header should not contrast with the primary font, so as an example, you can use serif fonts for headings on the page and a clean sans serif font for the main text. These sans serif fonts are web-safe fonts, similar to freestyle and popular google fonts, and they provide a standard guaranteed user experience like all serif fonts. However, it is better to have three fonts to cover all possible aspects of your articles fully, for example, comic sans for quotations in separate small blocks or between paragraphs. We provide fixed font style and font size by default, like other website builders. However, choosing the right fonts using the right options panel is very simple and allows you to pick a different font and choose a font size that will fit your design.

Using a web safe font like Google fonts, times new roman, Georgia, ariel, or elegant serif font is a good starting point for inexperienced designers that pick fonts using their own opinion. Many web hosting platforms and website builders provide only basic font families and font sizes. Still, our builder includes a rich Google fonts library, the best fonts from all over the internet, and the possibility of using custom fonts during site construction. Make sure to add your custom font name once you’ve applied a custom font to find it for future projects quickly. Different fonts will mean a different approach to compiling the web elements on your webpage, so make sure your custom font has a few similar web safe fonts that will correlate with it. Sign up today and let us know what websafe font size or different font size google fonts you would like to integrate into our builder and web hosting.