How to set a Favicon for the Nicepage website project

Add your website's Favicon in the Site Settings. The modern browsers usually have the Favicon support and display it in the browser's address bar, tabs next to the page's name, and the bookmark list. Usually, the Favicon has the ICO format.
How to set a Favicon for the Nicepage website project

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How To Add A Favicon To Your Nicepage Projects

The favicons are an excellent way to present your logo image in the form of a 16×16 pixels png image next to the name or description that users will get memories quickly. The logo in the favicon is a way to immediately notify the visitor on which browser tab they have your website or see it in the bookmark table of contents. Use the free favicon generator for the free logo image to generate a new favicon for your future website. But how do you add a site icon section when you are getting started? You do not need to know how to install the favicon generator. All you need are a few steps.

Step 1 choose what site identity you want to demonstrate. Step 2 create an icon file using any tool you wish to or select the image you think suits your website better, and do not forget to crop the image to leave only the site icon to choose for the next step. Step 3 look for free favicon generators and find the best for yourself. Step 4 Upload the file you created into the only favicon generator and generate the favicons you want. Step 5 download the logo in ICO format and upload it to your Nicepage website using Site Settings.

Any web hosting control panel and most browser applications support real favicon generator icons, so choose the file, click the image, and get the image representing you on the web. How do I integrate the favicon file into the system if I have a website? Favicon generator websites always write about how to add their favicon to various websites. Free favicon generators can also generate transparent favicons if you require them.