How to edit the Background property to fill elements

Add Background to your Shape, Icons, Groups, and even Page. You can choose between the solid Fill, Gradient, Image, and Video.

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How To Use Various Backgrounds On Website Elements

Adding background images is very easy and nice - especially if you have selected a layout with a large picture of the hero already included in your site design. If you know how to add A good website background showcases your content and keeps your brand shining. Web design, of course, is a trial and error process, so feel free to test out various design options as you add backgrounds to your site. If you don't know how to make a wonderful website background easily with us, choose the elements you want to change, select change the image and change the website background. The background of a website may be an image, pattern, or color that is used on the web page, while other elements of the site are positioned in its foreground.

In our editor, you can easily change the page's background, and it will change all your website design. Click background image, then click on the changing image and choose your favorite picture. It will greatly impact the whole website look which background you will choose. Like the Wix website builder, our tool allows using gradient colors as a background. If you know how to add videos to the website background, you can enhance your website design. It is very useful if you have an online store to add videos about your products. So, once you've already uploaded a website background video, it is possible to set the video player's parameters. If you don't know how to add video with my website builder, so it is easy to add video as a background with our tool. You don't need to set up any additional features. Try using our website editor. You can also use your image for the background. Once you’ve uploaded your image, change the background of the website with your image.

When selecting such a background for your website, make sure it supplements the elements of your website design in the front - with the right technique, the textured backgrounds can completely change web design, and it will help users focus on the needed content. Once you've decided on the design you prefer, you simply change it for any print or social media demand. You can link to YouTube, Vimeo, and your hosting or upload videos from your computer for the background video. When you choose the video for your site, make sure it can be used as a background video, and after this, add it. Once you've understood how to add website background elements to our website design, you will often add them. It is the common question of making it possible for people to see my website. So, if you need web hosting, and need to know how to add domain registry, and so on in this process. When you have a nice background, make sure it will attract many users.