How to assign a Custom Domain to a published website

The Custom Domain is a unique name that you have purchased for your website or brand from one of the popular registrants. You can assign this Custom Domain to one site designed instead of the auto-generated subdomain name by the Nicepage Online Builder. You can set the Custom Domain online in the Site Settings and the Export Dialog in the Desktop Applications.
How to assign a Custom Domain to a published website

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How To Assign A Custom Domain In A Click

A domain name is one of the most important parts of modern websites. The website can use a free or paid domain name and use different servers. This feature lets you change the custom domain name and set your own domain name. In some cases, free website builders automatically give the free domain name so that you can assign your own unique name with this feature. You are enabled to change the name of your personal or business website from the settings. Unlike the powerful best free website builder and google sites options, this feature gives you the service of customer support on the free plan (not paid plans). There is no way and necessity to set up the WordPress plugins, or any site builder plugins, everything you can find here.

It must be noted that such web elements, like Sign Up forms, free hosting, and account forms, must be in one style. So, when you choose a free custom domain name, it must match the site concept. A purchased domain name gives you more opportunities, and you can create a unique name and make a free plan for this. So, you can create a website with the modern best free website builders, and you need to pay something for the domain. A free domain name can also be used, but it doesn't give such opportunities. There are many free website builders on the net, and Nicepege offers one of the most comfortable ones. Interestingly, Google Sites is well integrated with all Google products, and it is a great feature when you want to create a complete online store.

There is a common question, like can I change my own domain name? With this feature, you can do it even with just one click. If you want to create a free website for your own online store, it isn't recommended to use the free domain (there is no need to use paid names). Typically, adding a custom domain is a function designed for their paid plans, as though website builders prefer to advertise their brand. Typically, adding a user domain is an enhanced feature only available in paid website plans instead of the best free website domains. Google sites allow you to join a custom domain name with their free plan(one surprising point is that your SEO capabilities with website builders are very limited). If you don't know how to choose the website builder when you want to create a website (free), visit Nicepage.