How to use different preset Shapes in web design

Shapes allow improving the graphics of your web pages by adding various modern vector figures. You can resize the Shapes without distortion, add the Fill, and use the Gradient and Shadow on basic shapes, like Rectangles and Circles.
How to use different preset Shapes in web design

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How to Use Various Shapes In Your Web Design

Shapes are important elements in modern web design, so they determine your website look. Like the website builder with 3rd party plugins, change elements of your page with our editor. You can add shapes for the google map, email address, image carousel background, and shape dividers between blocks. You can drag and drop and choose the right position for them. Add shapes to your landing page to make the design more diverse. You can change the shape color, transparency, add a border, or add the scroll effect on the shape. Set the desired position for the shape, and it will be located where you want it on the page. You are also able to change your shape position and set it in vertical, or horizontal positions.

Like the Elementor website page builder, you can add small shapes for the live chat or the social media page in our tool. You can find the CSS section in the page properties and write custom CSS code. You can use the shape as a social media icon, progress bar, shape divider, and so on. In our visual page builder, you can add shadow to the button, change transparency, add animation effects, and so on. You can add shapes for your contact forms, like the contact form builder. The loading process doesn't like users, so you must create a nice progress bar. You can make it with our shapes and other different elements. Like the Elementor website page builder, our editor is free. You can easily change web design elements without 3rd party addons and additional shape dividers.

Like the shape dividers, our tool allows cutting and duplicating your shape. These features will help you in the working process with the image carousel. Our instrument will enable you to add responsive custom CSS code to your website. Open editor, read terms of service, and the next level is to start working. You don't need a web designer anymore, as here are every required instrument. Similar to the Elementor website builder, change elements in our tool very simply. The Elementor builder like third-party plugins, having shape divider presets, are very popular today. In our instrument, you can have similar features to find every needed tool in one place, and also publish it to your WordPress hosting.