How to add Animation to your web design

Animation is an effect used on all kinds of web components. It can occur as visitors scroll through your web page, which draws their attention to an element by adding some entertainment and engagement. Nicepage offers all the basic Animation Effects to help you make Text stand out. Select an Element and choose a desired Animation Effect on the Property Panel. In addition, you can control it by defining the start time of the playback and its duration.

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How To Set Up Animation For Various Website Elements

Add animation to standard-looking elements and make them more memorable and user attractive. The animation on scroll appears when a user scrolls the webpage, and the animated element becomes visible within a viewport. Decide which elements require animation, and instead of one, animate the library of element sections on the demo page and future projects. We provide an easy set of instruments that will quickly help you animate only one element or a selected group to make elements fade in or out. Also, adding an animation class is possible to determine the duration delay of animations, which means how long the CSS animation of the element enters & leaves.

You can either use javascript library animations or use a CSS animation by entering the CSS library class link for your element. CSS animation using intersection observer API will animate elements for scroll down smooth review so that selected elements will still be visible even if the visitor can see them only partially. The visitors scroll down the page. However, with the help of an intersection observer, it is not the browser that moves the webpage, but the website itself lets them see the next section. Applying those scrolling effects, your visitors immediately should see from a first glance how changes in the animation of visible elements affect the perspective of the whole website. Add some cool animations with opacity effect or default delay, and you can customize any time you want.

Any element should be visible, and your visitors should see one or several animations simultaneously. You can set up more than one javascript animation and combine it using our builder. In our builder, applying animation on scroll using javascript and sample code to conduct callback function becomes automatic, so users with no coding skills can add javascript library class or add CSS class quickly and simple. CSS animation defined by div class is a small part of the storage, so feel free to contribute any class you see fit to make different animations for different elements of your webpage. Add animations or add a class that will make any element visible during the scroll and more beautiful.