Change hover text in email form

Hi, is possible to change hover text on the email field? I need to translate it to czech language. Thank you.
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06 December 2019

Started 05 December 2019 by project.kukang

Any chance for adding animations in the future?

Hi Nicepage Team, I really like the direction you are taking here :) I was wandering if there will be any way to add animations for hover or things like that? something like you did in themler? based...
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27 November 2019

Started 29 April 2018 by shaulhadar

More creative possibilities

Hi, Nicepage looks really good, thank you for your work! For me I would like to find in the tools some more creative possibilities. What I am really missing is: - shadows on all objects (containers,...
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26 March 2019

Started 23 March 2019 by vratislav.horcik2

About Animation?

I am very happy that the animation update has arrived. But will the animation feature be added in situations like hover and click?
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22 February 2019

Started 21 February 2019 by Mufasa