Mobil menu not working correctly

Hello, First: the Desktop view works well. The mobil view with sandwhich doesnt. It happens after adding submenus which are connected to pages installed in Wordpress. Then only the submenu...
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27 June 2019

Started 01 April 2019 by Ricchezza

The submenu fill color does'nt work

The submenu fill color does'nt work anymore since version 1.6 maybe ... The submenu seems to be transparent No support for this issue since 72h, a bit worrysome ?! How can I fixed this problem ? If...
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24 May 2019

Started 02 May 2019 by RolandOZIEL

submenu transparent?

Hi, Since one of the recent updates, the submenu doesn't seem to be filled anymore. Despite being configured to be filled with a color, it appears transparent. My configuration: Menu: no...
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17 May 2019

Started 17 May 2019 by corelanc0d3r