reCaptcha on a form

I'd like to add the reCaptcha on the contactform. But, in NP, there is no option to do it. So would like to add it manually. What is the way to add it in my template?
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2 weeks ago

Started 01 November 2018 by michiel2

Form Submit not working

I have created a contact form and exported it to HTML. When uploaded the submit button doesn't do anything. I've tried this on both Chrome and Fire Fox.
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5 weeks ago

Started 16 December 2018 by

Something for the wishlist...

I miss option fields in the form. Maybe an idea for future versions of Nicepage? Greetings from the Netherlands!
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20 December 2018

Started 16 December 2018 by brita.seifert

Set Link in Forms / Agree Terms

In EU/Germany i must set a link to GDPR and a link to my Mailaddress in any Forms. How can i set this links? This is a sample Code Ich habe die <a...
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13 December 2018

Started 03 December 2018 by info398

Prevent form submitting

How can I stop a form from submitting? I've tried all the usual tricks like returning false and .preventDefault but jQuery is doing something under the hood which is still attempting an...
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05 December 2018

Started 28 November 2018 by paul40

captcha code on Forms

captcha code on Forms and individual fields Regards Mario
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22 November 2018

Started 22 November 2018 by

Contact Form

Hi, I have a Question rgarding the contact form field in nicepage: How can I instert a checkbox or radio button? Becouse of the GDPR if have to instert a checkbox and vistors have to accept the...
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11 October 2018

Started 10 October 2018 by mail5